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    Let's try talk the lean way.
    Minimize wasting time on unnecessary things.
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    Let's think about real dedication for your ideas.
    Minimize the gap between your business and information technology.
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    Let's try new ways for getting things done.
    Minimize the clutter between traditional project management and agile software development.

About me

Let us meet. You tell me. We find a solution.

Jan Bartkowiak

Hi there!

I'm Jan and for project management, business process management and software development at your service!

With nine years project experience I have worked in many environments including automotive industries, logistics, internet service provider, public administration, financial services and health insurance.

With my passion of the lean and agile craftsmanship I have successfully improved team and company structures, using simply fitting approaches for complex situations. I have introduced Scrum and software Kanban in waterfall-based environments, or even combined them and coached teams and their management in order to continuously improve and accelerate product development.

Finding and establishing structures to help projects to tip off and enable them a safe flight comes as natural as working in my second specialised field of business process management.

Beside all that I'm still able to find time to develop with pleasure. Working on abstract problems and getting creative fills out a good day for me.

Overall I try in every project to find a fitting solution and will use my deep knowledge of lean and agile craftsmanship, business process management, and software development.

Need support? Please feel free to contact me. Thank you!

There is nothing so useless as
doing efficiently that
which should not be done at all.

- Peter Drucker -

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My Services

Ideas which fulfill your business needs developed in time.

Business Process Management

Simply focus on your capability of change than a functionally focused, traditional hierarchical management approach.

  • Business process engineer and architect
  • BPMN, UML, Aris eEPK
  • Signavio Process Modeller, Enterprose Architect
  • Camunda BPM, JBoss jBPM, Bonita
  • ...

Project Management

Right on planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources, procedures and protocols to achieve customer value.

  • Project manager, Scrum Master and coach, product owner
  • Agile manifest, Scrum, Software Kanban
  • Waterfall and V-modell
  • Small, mid-sized and big businesses and teams
  • ...

Software Development

"Make software for the world to use." [techrepublic]

  • (Lead) software developer, software architect
  • IntelliJ, Eclipse, Visual Studio
  • Java, C#, Swift, SQL, HTML 5
  • SOA, HATEOAS, mirco services
  • Continious development, integration and improvement
  • ...

Get in touch with me and receive CV updates on availability basis

  • Katharinenstr. 19, 73262 Reichenbach (Fils), Germany
  • (+49) 0 176 10 49 78 98
  • (+49) 0 322 23 94 40 73